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Smoketree is one of the most famous healing plants in our country. Most likely there isn’t a person who has not tried its strong medical properties and healing qualities. However very few people know and have thought about how this trivially sounding plant looks. The scientific name of the smoketree is Cotinus coggygria and it is from  [ Прочетете още ]

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The gardening art of the renaissance reaches its peak of development of the unique Villa d’Este and its gardens.   The Villa is in Tivoli,  only 30km from the italian capital, located on a steep slope, with a breathtaking view of the Rome valley. The town of Tivoli, known for its rich architecture heritage -historical  [ Прочетете още ]

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We are proud to present one of the newest projects of Green Garden – Interior green wall in the city of Kazanlak.                

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Vertical garden for your home from GREEN GARDEN. The beautiful green walls have not only an estetic quality but a healthy one as well. The plants we are using in the creation, recycle air and improve the micro climate in the apartment. Some plants even keep insects such as mosquitoes away.  The plant diversity in  [ Прочетете още ]

Vertical garden in the office building of ARMACO The green wall is created with modules from BGreenWall Special thanks to our partners at MODERN GARDEN  

Jul 26


May the Easter holiday be full of joy and many happy surprises! We wish You peace and hope, all the spring promises to come true and happy new memories! Let this Easter be special for You !

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Jul 26

5 years

5 exceptional years have passed filled with good and bad. We are thankful to everybody who helped and worked with  us. The experience we gained has made us become even better specialists. We keep looking for new horizons to expand and grow. Special thanks to :   http://www.BGreenpark.com/ http://www.parklife.bg/ Начало Озеленяване, ландшафтна архитектура, поливни системи  [ Прочетете още ]

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5 years

5 exceptional years have passed filled with good ...


May the Easter holidays be filled with joy ...


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May the Easter holiday be full of joy ...


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