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Jul 27

Gipsy moth

Here is a bit more information about the moth from the textbook “Agricultural entomology for all” by Associate Professor Radoslav Andreev from the Agricultural university in Plovdiv: She is a big enemy of orchards and trees in general as it devours their leaves. She shows up periodically does a lot of damage in the plains and  [ Прочетете още ]

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The only restriction is your imagination. Plants can grow everywhere. Even on house walls. We can make an individual project just for you. Consult with our vertical landscaping specialists. The making of such a project is done by professionals. The price depends on square meter. Depending on the complexity of the project and type of  [ Прочетете още ]

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Some items can get a second chance in life as gardening tools. The development of new ways to use reliable old spare tools can open a whole new world of possibilities. This approach often proves that it is more productive and in any case cheaper. All those “new” tools will help you make future gardening  [ Прочетете още ]

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May the Easter holidays be filled with joy and many happy surprises! We wish you a lot of peace and hope, all spring promises to come true and happy new memories! May this Easter be special for you!

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Building and maintenance in a private home in the town of Elin Pelin. Building an irrigation system and decorative water area. Maintenance of grass carpet, decorative bush groups and hedges.

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Building and maintenance in a private home in the town of Koprivshtitsa. Building an irrigation system and decorative rock corner. Maintenance of grass carpet and decorative bush groups.    

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One good and interesting, and at the same time practical idea is the creation of a miniature garden in glass or the so called terrarium. The terrarium can brighten up the interior in any home. Contrary to expectations, the creation and maintenance of such a garden is not difficult. The most important thing is the  [ Прочетете още ]

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The avocado is a popular plant, possessing many useful qualities. Its fruit is a excellent source of vitamins and minerals, it can be used in cosmetics and in different medications. The avocado is a tree about 20m tall, indigenous to the wet forests of Central and South America. It was brought to Europe during the 17th  [ Прочетете още ]

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