The avocado is a popular plant, possessing many useful qualities. Its fruit is a excellent source of vitamins and minerals, it can be used in cosmetics and in different medications.


The avocado is a tree about 20m tall, indigenous to the wet forests of Central and South America. It was brought to Europe during the 17th century by the Spaniards. Its botanical name is Persea Americana, in many countries however it is known as Alligator pear or Butter Pear. The name given by the Aztecs and the Mayans is “Ahuacatl”, that translates from Nahuatl (a language Aztec language family ) to literally “testicle” due to the resemblance to the organ. The Avocado is the Aztec’s symbol for love and fertility.

The Avocado is a warmth loving plant and for its proper development, in the beginning it requires warmer temperatures, that is why it is best to start the planting in the warm months or to ensure  it has constant warmer temperature if you are going to plant it during winter. Once developed, the plant can be easily grown in your home.


The cultivation of the avocado from a seed in your home is not hard at all and comes down to a few simple steps :


  • For starters it is necessary to pick a ripe fruit.
  • Carefully cut out the fruit and take out the seed.
  • Wash or soak the seed, to remove any remaining parts of the fruit on it, but be careful not to peel and harm the brown skin.
  • Take the seed and define up and down. The down part is more round and wide.
  • Around the middle of the seed, stick 3-4 tooth picks, under a very small angle and about 5mm deep. They will be used to keep the seed on top of the container.
  • Place the seed in a narrow tank ( such as a water glass ), the down part should always be submerged in water and the top one should always be dry. It is best to use a transparent container so that you can keep track of the change and development of the seed.
  • Pick a warm and well illuminated place, where to place the container, for example a ledge.
    growing an avocado tree
  • It is necessary to add water and completely change it every 1-3 days, to prevent bacteria, fungus etc. which can be harmful to the plant.
  • Arm yourself with patience.
  • After 2-3 weeks, the brown skin will begin to dry out and crack up a bit.
  • Around 4-5 weeks ( might take a bit longer ) from the cracks on the bottom, the first roots should begin to appear and the leaves should start appearing on the top part.
  • It is vital to keep track of the bottom part of the seed, make sure it is always submerged in water and the roots do not go dry.
  • When the leaves appear and the stem reaches height of 6-7cm , it means it is ready for planting.
  • Pick a medium sized pot ( 20-25cm), make sure there is drainage, rich humus soil and carefully plant the plant while making sure the top half of the seed remains above the soil.



The avocado loves light, so the more light it gets, the better. Water regularly and make sure the soil is constantly a bit wet. If the leaves start to turn yellow, it means that you are watering it to much. In this case, stop watering it for a few days, until the soil loses the extra moisture.

When the plant reaches 40-50cm height, you can clip the tips, to stimulate branching of its branches and to shape the crown.

During the summer, you can take out the pot outside, but when autumn comes, its best to keep it inside in a warm and well illuminated place.

If you like growing flowers and exotic plants, this is a good way to try something different that you won’t find in the flower shops.





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