Grapefruit –  Citrus paradisi – Grapefruit is the second most grown fruit in the world. Supposedly it doesn’t exist as a wild plant, but a very old hybrid between C.sinensis x C.maxima. Its hight reaches 8-10 meters. The branches are covered in large spikes. The leaves are big, reaching around 10-20cm. The fruits are bright yellow, round with a bittersweet taste, weighting about 150-300 grams and in seldom cases up to 600 grams.


The grapefruit grows twice a year, in the spring and end of summer.

citrus paradisi









Calamondin – Citrofortunella microcarpa

A hybrid between mandarin (Citrus reticulata) and kumquat (Fortunella japonica) 

A rather tiny plant with small dark green leaves. The fruits are round, small – up to 3-4cm in diameter. The peel is very thin, that is why it is not being peeled and the fruit is consumed whole. It blooms and bears fruit at the same time.

citrofortunlla microcarpa










Lemon – Citrus lemon

It holds the the third place in the world. One of the middlemen citruses up to 5-7m tall. The leaves are elliptical, light green. The fruit is lemony yellow, oval with a very sour taste. It blooms and bears fruit at the same time. The fruits ripen slow from 7 months to a whole year. There is a huge variety, which differ by shape and size of the fruit, the thickness of the peel and the taste of the inner part. The most appropriate to grow indoors is the lemon “Ponderosa” (Ponderosa Lemon), which is a hybrid between lemon and citron and has a rather small size – up to 1.2m. The fruits however are larger than those of other lemons and can reach up to 1kg. They have a pear shape and thick peel.


Another popular sort is the lemon Meyer a.k.a. chinese lemon. This is a very old sort, people speculate that it is a hybrid between lemon and orange. This is the lowest growing lemon, its height reaches just 1m. and has a very branched and wrapped crown. Its colors have a violet hue. The fruits are middle sized, bright yellow, almost without tips and sweeter than other sorts. Its downside is that requires a lot of light and cannot stand being in a shadow, even in its period of rest.










Citron, chinese lemon – Citrus medica = C.cedratus

This species in Japan is called “yuzu” and it is one of the plants that the japanese people have a specific attitude. There is a custom in Japan in the day of the winter solstice, that people bathe in bathtubs filled with fruits and peel of citrus for health. It was famous in China even before 2000 years, from where the buddhist took it to Japan in VII-VII century. Rather cold resistant sort, which can survive for temperatures up to -7 °C for short amounts of time. In the wild it can be found in the Himalayas, its height reaches up to 2m-3m. The branches have sharp thorns, the leaves are big, about 10m-18m long. The fruit is large, yellow, lemon shaped up to 14cm long. Its taste is very sour and bitter with a very specific aroma. It is not eaten in its raw state, it is used to make juices. The peel of the citron is noticeably thicker than other citruses. A fun fact is that the peel is eatable due to its nice taste and lack of sour vein. One of the most popular sweets in the east, something like candy, were peaces of sugar coated peel from citron. Today it is widely used as a spice.

One of the interesting varieties of the citron “Hand of Buddah”  (Citrus medica). This is one of the strangest fruits not just among the citruses, but in the world. The shape resembles a hand with fingers. In the east it is considered a symbol of happiness and success.  The fruits are not edible, they are used for decoration.











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