600W HPS Yellow-red light (550-680 nm) 90000 (lm)
Price: 60.00 BGN



Venture Sunmaster MH 1000W
Price: 245.00 BGN




Venture Sunmaster HPS 1000W

Provides 10% more light than the common sodium lamps
Price: 235.00 BGN


600W sodium lamp.Grolux 600W.
Price: 75.00 BGN

400W sodium lamp.Grolux 400W.
Price: 60.00 BGN

Sunmaster HPS Dual Spectrum 600W
Price: 116.00 BGN


Sunmaster HPS Dual Spectrum 400W
Price: 97.00 BGN


Common sodium lamp
Price: 66.00 BGN

HPS Sunmaster 400W
The Sunmaster lamps have proven themselves in everyday use in greenhouses and hydrophytes. They provide 10% more light.

FS XTreme Output 600 W: 200.000 phyto lumen.
Price: 96.00 BGN



FS XTreme Output 400 W: 128.000 phyto lumen.
Price: 76.00 BGN


400W HPS Yellow-red light (550-680 nm) 58000 (lm)
Price: 50.00 BGN



250W HPS Yellow-red light (550-680 nm) 58000 (lm)
Price: 42.00 BGN


600W MH Bluelight ( 380-480 nm)
Price: 130.00 BGN


400W MH Blue light ( 380-480 nm)
Price: 80.00 BGN


250W MH Синя light ( 380-480 nm)
Price: 65.00 BGN



Venture Sunmaster MH 400W
Price: 101.00 BGN



Venture Sunmaster MH 600W
Price: 150.00 BGN

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