Conceptual design, Design for alleys and flooring, Dendrological concept, Planting plan, Trace drawing/a>, explanatory notes and quantity-price bill for the construction of the project.


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Conceptual design    including our ideas, studies and analyzes, compliant with your wishes and ideas. We will create a 3d visualization, sketches and technical drawings of the designer’s choice.

Project for alleys and flooring project, which is not underestimated as the texture of the pavement, the correct drainage and movement on the alleys is depended on it.

Dendrological project in this project, we determine the species composition, quantity and size of decorative trees, bushes and plants in your yard, garden, front housing space or park. As in previous projects, we conform to your preferences as we explain the reason behind each decision. We consult with the leaders in the field of Dendrology, if we need more accurate assessment. Our specialists in the filed of landscaping architecture have studied dendrology for 5 years in an academic environment and they keep up to date with the latest works and trends.

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