Organic Gardening

For those of you who do not know what organic gardening is, let us explain. Organic gardening is used to control the pests without any pesticides or chemical products in your garden. Organic gardening requires a bit more work than regular gardening, but it is worth it. This publication will give you all the basic information that you will need for this kind of gardening.

To get the best results, you need to make a plan. It is best to start in the autumn after the vegitation is complete. That way you will have time to prepare the soil.







The first thing that you will have to do is choose place for the garden. It should be placed so that the plants get at least two hours of sunlight per day. In most cases, this will mean that you have to place it in the south east part of the property. It will also need a good drainage, so that the excess water drains. It is good to figure out what type of nutrients will be needed for the soil so that the plants to be happy ( and you as well ).  In case you do not know how to do this or do not have time to do this on your own, WE can test the soil and do the CHECKING for you. After that the soil is prepared for the garden’s planting phase. This means, it should be worked over with a tiller. After that, you need to remove the weeds and be sure to do it again in a few weeks to be sure that no grass will grow thee.


Here are a few tips on organic gardening.

(Forget last year, because now you will have a big garden, in case you follow our advice on organic gardening)

What vegetables should you grow?

Think of vegetables that your family and friends like. For example, red and yellow peppers are more expensive than green peppers. Other expensive vegetables  – asparagus, rucola and broccoli. Try with proven sorts of tomatoes such as buffalo heart, read giant or pink giant.

– How to shape and  process the soil ?

Raise beds, instead of digging deep in the soil ( about one foot width for tomatoes ), shape them and fill them with burned organic fertilizer, that you can by from us or HELP YOU. THAT WILL SAVE YOU TIME AND WORK!

Here are a few more advises on correct organic soil fertilization: The gardeners who want to have a successful vegetable garden, should use the correct fertilizers for the garden. How much fertilizer to use, depends on the type of soil in your garden and the plants that grow there. The fertile requirements also differ depending from season to season and the type of soil used.

Use garlic,  to prevent the garden from pests who can eat up your plants. Water abundantly about 2 times a week, to make sure the water seep deep.

As a gardener you should be familiar with the types of plants and fertilizers that they need.  For example, vines do not need much fertilizer, root crops on the other hand, do need a huge amount of fertilizer. Using organic matter helps to better the soil quality and release nutrients and other minerals from the soil for the plant.


билкова графина

herbal garden

Organic fertilizers for vegetable garden :

You can use biological or organic fertilizers. This article should help you pick the best option for your garden. Since there is more and more evidence on the negative effects from chemical fertilizers and pesticides, more and more people choose to use organic route.

Special stores for sale of biological products are sprouting up all over the world. Vegetable gardens benefit a lot from organic fertilizers, hence becoming a preferred fertilization method. Compost is the most wide spread method of organic fertilization for vegetable gardens as it encourages healthy soil and plants.

You can make your own compost pile near your garbage container. Dig a foot deep trench in the back part of the garden and begin collecting cut grass, leaves, peels from the kitchen, egg shells, coffee sludge, hay, paper, cardboard and sawdust.

Wood ash from natural wood shavings and unprocessed sawdust are amazing for the soil. Whatever you add the the soil and there are NO  chemicals, pesticides etc. Manure is one of the best natural fertilizers, rich in nitrogen, potassium and nutrients. In case you have alfalfa or red clover that grows in your garden, they are wonderful nitrogen producing plants. They raise the natural fertilization of the soil. This is a natural alternative to providing nitrogen to plants, who need a healthy grow in production.

In case you have alfalfa or red clover, that grows in your garden, those are excellent nitrogen producing plants. They  greatly increase the fertility of the soil. That is a natural alternative to providing nitrogen to plants, which they need in order have a healthy life cycle. Its best to prepare the soil to prevent the burning of the young seedlings.

Here are several examples of organic gardens:

Animal fertilizer is one of the methods used through the history of human kind, to raise the fertility of the soil and provide enough nitrogen and other nutrients that it effects the soil. Humus content, biological activity and structure of the soil are the major things that determine the soil quality.

Several factors decide the nutritional value of the manure, type of animal, age of the herd, feed, feed additives, lining materials, gathering process, storage process, structure of the soil and time. Each time one of these variables changes, the nutritional value changes as well.

The species of the animal determines the type of manure. A tonne of manure from more than one animal will contain 10-20kg of nitrogen, 30kg of phosphorus and 10-15kg of potassium. Bird manure however has higher levels of nitrogen and phosphorus, sheep manure has the highest level of potassium.

Friendly environment  and a healthy way of gardening. Organic gardening in harmony with nature. Raising a healthy and productive culture in a way that is healthier for you as well as the environment.

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