One good and interesting, and at the same time practical idea is the creation of a miniature garden in glass or the so called terrarium.

The terrarium can brighten up the interior in any home.

Contrary to expectations, the creation and maintenance of such a garden is not difficult. The most important thing is the correct combination of species as well as the container in which they will be placed. This mini eco system holds moisture very well and its upkeep is minimized to watering and trimming of the plants if needed.






  1. Glass container
  2. Drainage
  3. Appropriate soil
  4. Plants
  5. Additional decorations ( mulch, stones, moss, seashells etc. )



For the creation of the terrarium you can use different round containers, bottles, vases, jars, a round aquarium etc. They can be either open or closed containers. Most plants easily adapt to the life in the terrarium, as primary consideration is their need for moisture. You have to pick species with similar requirements for temperature, moisture and light. For open terrariums, its best to use slow growing species such as different cacti and succulents who do not like moisture. For closed containers, you must pay a lot of attention when watering, as to prevent rotting, also make sure to open the lid at least once a week so that you can provide it with air circulation. Best suited for them are moisture loving species such as ferns, mosses, chicken, phytonia, peppermint, ivy etc.


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The chosen plants need to be small, so that you can easily plant them in the terrarium, on the desired place, as their size can later ( if needed ) be controlled by trimming.

The mini garden has to be placed in a well illuminated place but protected from direct sunlight spot.


897352c8aed907911989d259cf95a80a_f184Construction of the terrarium begins with placing the drainage on the bottom of the container, then pouring the soil and make sure it is sealed tight. The soil and drainage should take no more than 1/3 of the volume of the container. This will guarantee better rooting and leave enough space for the development of the above ground part. The plants need to be placed very carefully, leaving enough space between different species so they do not interfere. The soil around the roots again, needs to be sealed tightly. After you have planted the plants, you can place much, then decorate with moss or different stones, glass or figurines.  The building process of the mini garden is complete after the first watering. You have to water it carefully until you see moisture forming at the bottom of the container.

The mini garden in a terrarium is appropriate for any type of housing, especially smaller ones, where there isn’t more room for growing many plants. Its creation doesn’t require much time or money. It is a wonderful way to brighten up your home, as well as letting your imagination run wild. This is just one of the many ways to make a mini garden.


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