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„Asian“ style gardens with completely natural materials!With plants such as manzanitas, coffeeberry, azalea, juniper,snowberry, sedges, rushes, irises, redbud, currants, you can createwonderful groups in the garden.Many of those plants have „Circumboreal“ representatives that are indigenous to the East. To give the garden an Asian look we need to use those plant types. The story of Japanese  [ Прочетете още ]

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Organic Gardening For those of you who do not know what organic gardening is, let us explain. Organic gardening is used to control the pests without any pesticides or chemical products in your garden. Organic gardening requires a bit more work than regular gardening, but it is worth it. This publication will give you all  [ Прочетете още ]

Jul 31


A manufacturer of Bio-Honey with established traditions in quality. 100% natural product, produced in Dobruja by hardworking bees.                   The price varies depending on the quantity. For regular clients there are other bio products for free! You can contact us at : Phone – +359899343131 or on e-mail:  [ Прочетете още ]

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Security is the most important thing for your child. We offer children’s playgrounds established companies from all around the world. They have surpassed the highest european quality material requirements, thus bringing the chance of injury to a minimum on the playground. They are build on top of shock-absorbent surface. There are no sharp or dangerous  [ Прочетете още ]

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Shape the hedges! Hedges give the shape and a look of a job well done in a garden. These alive fences are perfect for separation of the properties or adding topographies with creative forms. Trimming is especially important for healthy and dense hedges – it can be done by hand or with the help of  [ Прочетете още ]


Some items can get a second chance in life as gardening tools. The development of new ways to use reliable old spare tools can open a whole new world of possibilities. This approach often proves that it is more productive and in any case cheaper. All those “new” tools will help you make future gardening  [ Прочетете още ]

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May the Easter holidays be filled with joy and many happy surprises! We wish you a lot of peace and hope, all spring promises to come true and happy new memories! May this Easter be special for you!

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Children’s playgrounds. Playground...

Security is the most important thing for your ...

5 years

5 exceptional years have passed filled with good ...


May the Easter holidays be filled with joy ...


A manufacturer of Bio-Honey with established traditions in ...


May the Easter holiday be full of joy ...


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